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NCAL#74 & #952

NCREL #32874

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My grandfather, Horace "Buford" York, a farmer from the small community of Harmony in rural Iredell ​County, NC, started the other family business known as York Auction & Realty. He was the father of seven ​children, grandfather of 14 grandchildren, and the great-grandfather of... to be honest, I have lost track of ​how many great-grandchildren. Buford was well-known throughout the community and the state. He was a ​farmer, an avid outdoorsman, a member of the local school board, and even a trick rider performing stunts on ​his trick horse named Dottie when he was a boy. From the stories that I have heard, he grew up attending ​country cattle sales with his father where he learned to mimic the auctioneers, and in 1935, he put his ​childhood skills to work and created the second family business, York Auction & Realty. After he retired, my ​uncle, "Horace" Buford York, Jr., and my father, William "Bill" York, continued on with the family business. ​The company is the truest definition of a "family business." My grandmother and mother clerked and ​managed the office for years before their passing, and Horace's wife Joan, his daughter Angela, and his ​grandson Hunter have worked at his auctions. His son Michael helped as well. My cousins Gail, Heather, and ​Brian, my sister Emily, and I grew up attending auctions, and we continue to help today. Aside from family, ​there are additional staff members who have known and worked with the York family for years. A long-time ​family friend, Joyce Phipps Scott, worked in the office, helping my mother after my grandmother retired. ​With everyone's support, here we are, eighty-some years later, keeping my grandfather's legacy and the family ​business alive today.

- D. York


Bill York, Auctioneer, Harmony, NC

Horace York, Auctioneer, Clemmons, NC

Other Members of the Staff: Gail Nellis (Buford's Granddaughter),

James Reavis, Ryan & April Gregory, Tracy Skeens,

& Dare York (Buford's Granddaughter, Bill’s Daughter)

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*No Buyer's Premium

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*Absolute Auction

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Horace “Buford” York

Horace on the mic. as Bill takes a bid.

Bill on the mic. as Horace & Buford take bids.

Helen bookkeeping.

Horace on the mic. as Bill takes a bid.

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On October 6, 2023, the NC Auctioneer Licensing Board

recognized Bill York for his 50+ years in the auction business.